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Event Branding & Collateral

CPC 24


International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM)


Kasey McElroy


Branding & Strategy


Karen Kauffman, Kasey McElroy

International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM) hosts an annual Children’s Pastor Conference (CPC) conference to equip children’s ministry leaders from around the world. DPK partners with INCM to design and develop a visual identity for each year’s theme along with all related event collateral. DPK works closely with INCM throughout the year to plan and execute the national CPC conference. Understanding the conference audience and building out each year’s theme with cohesive messaging and visual identity is key to the success of the conference event.

Visual Identity
DPK works with INCM year-over-year to establish a cohesive conference theme that aligns with the overall CPC and INCM brand standards. Each year’s theme is announced at the previous year’s conference so cohesive branding and communication is key.

Event Stage Graphics
Using the established conference theme. DPK works with the event space technical producer to design and provide all graphic elements used on the stage during conference session introductions, speaker presentations, break times, and promotion.

Vendor Booth Design & Collateral
The CPC resource center is a central hub of conference activities and includes a booth dedicated to additional INCM initiatives, as well as representation from numerous vendors. DPK designs the INCM resource center booth display and printed promotional materials each year to help conference attendees quickly identify what INCM represents and how they can benefit from their services.

Participant Handbook
The CPC Participant Handbook is a key conference component that is used to guide attendees through the scheduled events, as well as engage participants in session participation and promote INCM and vendor offerings. The size and impact of the CPC annual conference means that the completed Participant Handbook is around 100 pages long, with full color, engaging design work that builds out the intricacies of each year’s chosen theme.

Vendor Resource Guide
Ahead of each CPC conference, DPK designs an annual Vendor Resource Center Guide to attract quality vendors to participate in the conference by anticipating their needs and answering any questions as early in the process as possible. The Resource Center Guide is a printed and downloadable piece that is updated each year to align with the annual theme and communicates the benefits and guidelines of the CPC Resource Center to potential vendors.

On-Site Event Signage
The annual CPC conference is a four-day event held each year at a Disney property in Orlando, Florida, which means there can be a great deal of navigation required for attendees to get to the available sessions and events. DPK carries the annual theme and visual identity into the creation of directional and identifying signage to ease navigation at the conference locations. Additionally, DPK designs large-scale art pieces used to create an immersive experience aligned with the annual visual identity as participants travel between rooms and buildings.

Marketing & Social Media Digital Graphics
In the months leading up to each CPC event, DPK builds out several social media campaign graphics and templates within the chosen theme. This ensures a cohesive and polished look for all CPC messaging throughout the year.

  • INCM has partnered with DPK for XX years to execute their international conference from theme development to attendee and vendor experience.

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