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Social Media Strategy & Assets



In Our Backyard


Kasey McElroy, Rachel Wiedenfeld


Digital Experience & Engagement


Karen Kauffman

In Our Backyard is a national non-profit based in Oregon, led by survivors, dedicated to combating human trafficking through education, mobilization, and community collaboration. They teamed up with DPK to boost their presence on social media and drive more visitors to their website.

Social Media Enhancement

  • Developed a cohesive visual identity, including icons, gradients, hand-drawn elements, color schemes, and photography style.

  • Designed a strategic 3-month social media calendar with 3-4 weekly posts (totaling 46 posts).

  • Created a library of branded profile photos.

  • Crafted seven Instagram Story Highlight Covers.

  • Produced a collection of custom Canva background post templates.


In less than 90 days, our collaboration with In Our Backyard led to:

  • A 200% surge in Freedom Sticker orders due to accelerated web traffic.

  • A remarkable 103.4% increase in Instagram reach.

  • A notable 30.1% boost in Facebook reach.

  • A significant 33.8% increase in Instagram profile visits.

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