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Meet Kasey, our Senior Graphic Designer, who has been an integral part of DPK since nearly the beginning of the organization. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design from Judson University, she's accumulated years of experience as a Graphic Designer. Her passion lies in crafting designs that not only captivate intellectually but also resonate emotionally.

As a talented artist outside of DPK, Kasey brings a unique perspective, valuing beauty, connection, and meticulous details. Her work isn't just about visuals; it's about creating meaningful experiences for our clients and their audience.

On the flip side, Kasey excels in organizing information—creating informational and visual systems to ensure clear communication and comprehension. Her dual skills of creativity and structure ensure that our designs are both visually stunning and functionally effective.

Outside of work, Kasey enjoys painting, running, and the simple joys of her cozy cabin home with her husband and their dog.

Self Described

Dog mom

Color lover

Gettin’ messy kind of painter


Senior Graphic Designer
Kasey McElroy
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